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Parts preparation
Finished painting

For metal coatings, the quality problem caused by foreign matter and rusting on the surface is very important, so we are pickling the surface rusting part on the
material to build the pickling line to secure the quality of the surface , and electrodeposition, liquid, and powder coating are performed.
STL Bancheon Factory secures competitiveness through ONE STOP of metal products considering design, production, quality, and logistics.

01.Part preparation

Material wearing
  • STEEL PLATE Diversity : 1.0t~12t
  • Raw materials used : POSCO, Hyundai Steel
  • Reliability of raw materials through diversification
  • Possession and utilization of 3D, CAD, CAM, Program
  • Issuance of fair movement table through POP terminal
  • 250TON HYD PRESS 1
  • Stable production by securing professional partners


Parts receipt and shipment
  • All parts process movement table identification check Part identification, process range, coating classification, delivery date marking
  • Systematic management through POP terminal
  • Possesses processing facilities (milling, lathe, drill)
Mounting and welding
  • Self-designed and manufactured JIG-assisted parts assembly
  • Excellent quality through ROBOT welding
  • Efficiency management by issuing individual work orders
  • Parts management through process movement table
Mapping and processing
  • Surface management suitable for external parts management standards
  • Welding parts


Electrodeposition coating
  • Electric adsorption type paint : Base paint for automobiles, home appliances, etc.
  • Large-sized water optimization facility-Deeping type operation
  • Secure quality advantage by possessing EQR (ultrasonic cleaning) process
  • Electric adsorption coating for surface foreign matter removal and external environment protection
  • Advanced laboratory operation-process-specific liquid management, coating strength, adhesion, SS Test
  • Variable process Tect Time suitable for the conditions to be coated

04.Complete painting

Powder coating
  • Powder Paint Line
  • Simultaneous operation of automatic injection and manual injection is possible
  • 3Gun X 2 automatic injection system operation
Liquid coating
  • Excellent film formation and corrosion resistance using electrostatic gun
  • Bottom and top booth and drying furnace optimized for urethane paint
  • Increased productivity through medium and top continuous continuous work


ASS'Y Assembly
  • Realization of modularization through the use of dedicated assembly JIG
  • Realization of high quality through arrangement of professional personnel for each item
  • Two 5.0ton Wing Body cargo trucks
  • 3.5ton Wing Body cargo truck
  • 1.0ton 3 units

Production items of SLT Co., Ltd.

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Wheel Loader


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